Welcome to the internet home of Euclid Symphony Orchestra! Thank you for your interest and support of the organization. Please peruse the website for any information you need regarding concerts, fundraising, membership or information on our Music Director, J.D. Goddard.

If you have any questions regarding the orchestra, please email the Euclid Symphony Orchestra at  info@euclidsymphonyorchestra.com or by calling the Shore Cultural Centre at 216.289.8578 or via the website at www.shoreculturalcentre.com.

Music is the language of all mankind, it can be understood by anyone. One needs no training to listen to music and find its meaning. Music is the universal language which can express all emotions and feelings, can state an agenda, can proclaim an idea, or honor someone great, all without uttering a single word. I hope that you will join the members of the orchestra by attending concerts this season.

We are looking forward to an exciting season of music. We would like to invite everyone to attend our concerts. We gladly welcome back our supporters and hope they will bring new audience members in the coming season. Music can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

We look forward to seeing you this season!